Do you want to eat a snowman?

As a general rule, there is no place for boxed cake mixes in my life. However, Miss 4 received the coolest Olaf brownie kit from her awesome great-grandmother, and we both knew it just had to happen.

Thanks, MaMa!

And happen it did.

Our little egg-cracking extraordinaire made the mixture, smooshed the brownie slab into crumbs (there is a reason we call her Smoosh more often than her real name!), shaped them into balls, and rolled them into white chocolate and crystalised sugar, to make the funkiest Snowman brownies in town.

Her aunt assumed by a facebook post that she was making a mess. She was right!
Her aunt assumed by a facebook post that she was making a mess. She was right!

Oh, the praise she received from the men in her life. No wonder she likes cooking! I wish I could have men gushing at me for making a box cake!

And, because we’re an extremely classy and mature lot, these delectable desserts aren’t, in fact, known as Snowman brownies or Olaf cakes or Frozen balls or anything like that.

No. Tonight we supped on Butt Brownies.


5 star butt brownies!
5 star butt brownies!

From Master 7, who donned them Butt Brownies:

They looked like Olaf from Disney’s Frozen.My rating is 5 stars <3.


**NB: Everything from Master 7 gets either 5 or 2 stars. Almost everything gets 5 stars. My very best efforts, or a jam sandwich on crappy white bread I slap together to keep the kids from starving to death. A 2 star dish is usually the kind of experimental meal that is so inedible, we end up ordering a pizza. Miss 4’s scale is 5 out of 10 for her favourites, or 2 out of 5 for a dish that comes with a side of last-minute take-out. She starts kindy next fortnight, she’s not so crash hot with fractions and conversions just yet.