Zombie brains by master 7


We made zombie brain (blueberry) pancakes and they were EPIC!



If you’re wondering about the stance, yes he is busting a move. I believe it was while he was singing Faith by George Michael. The poor kid never stood a chance.


This is why they’re called zombie brains. Blueberry pancake batter Master 7 is gross.

My favourite part about it was flipping  them. I flipped  6 but my  sister burnt her little finger on her right hand on her  1st go today. She is ok. I’m going to bring them to my excursion.



2 thoughts on “Zombie brains by master 7

  1. well done James, they look pretty awesome to me, perhaps you can spare one in the morning
    Hope your finger is okay Ma Belle Ammie
    Love you guy’s xoxoxo

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