Welcome to What’s  Cookin’ Good Lookin’. This is something I say to my kids daily – when I pick them up from school, when they whizz past in the hallway, or when they are lost in thought, so it seemed a fitting title for my family’s cooking blog.

We’re a family from Sydney who enjoys everything our little kitchen offers: warmth, a source of nutritious food and delectable treats, a fun activity to do together, a chance to learn new skills, and wonderful bonding experiences. I’m not a Masterchef, nor does my kitchen look like it’s straight from an interior design magazine, but nonetheless our kitchen is filled with love, happy memories, and usually pleasant aromas.

What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’ is a joint venture between me and my favourite son, Master 7, who has some impressive food game already. This means that if a post seems like it was written by a second grader, it most likely was. (It could also mean there was some wine left over from the coq au vin.) There may also be some input from my favourite daughter, Miss 4, who serves as our bowl licker extraordinaire, and our spunky tech support guy who critiques and makes improvements to our food, and loves us all madly.

We’ve created this blog to chronicle our kitchen adventures, laugh at our failures, share our successes, and mostly, to focus on the joys of teaching kids how to stand on their own two feet in the kitchen, largely from the kids’ perspective. Essentially, this blog is an account of how a regular, busy family squeezes it all in and has fun in the process.




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