Zucchini and Mushroom toast


Like so many of us, I tend to be stuck in a lunch rut. During the week, I eat a lot of soup (usually vegetable or lentil soup that I’ve made on the weekend), tuna veggies and brown rice, or leftovers. I’m far too busy in the morning to make lunch a huge priority, so I stick with what I know works for me.

As such, weekends are for something a little different.

Yesterday was Easter, and while I didn’t indulge outrageously, it amazed me that I so keenly felt the impact of eating so differently for just one day. Today, I crave veggies. Who am I to argue?!

Since August, I have realised that I am a hopeless mushroom junkie. Mushrooms belong in EVERYTHING. Garlicky mushrooms are the ambrosia of the gods. I’ve also come to realise that after 31 years

Seriously, it’s ridiculous how therapeutic I find this!

of believing the exact opposite, I don’t hate zucchini. I hate steamed zucchini, but will happily munch on sauteed, roasted or raw zucchini, especially if it means I can put it through my beloved spiraliser first! I’m not much of a kitchen appliance tragic, but there are no words for how much I adore this thing. SO. MUCH. FUN.


So when I stumbled across this recipe from Mushrooms Australia, that combined the veggies I love most and gave me an excuse to bring down my spiraliser, there was little doubt left in my mind about what we were having for lunch this warm public holiday. It’s the easiest thing to make, but it’s a little different, and the taste belies the simplicity involved. I’ve adapted it a fair amount, and while the original looks great, this was far more in line with what I was after in my mind. And it certainly delivered… Just ask Master 10!

Zucchini and Mushroom toast

Serves 3 – 165 calories per serve


5g olive oil spray

1tsp minced garlic

200g button mushrooms, sliced

250g zucchini

200g cherry tomatoes

3 x slices bread

30g cottage cheese

2tbs grated parmesan cheese

Pepper, to season


1. Spiralise or julienne the  zucchini and set aside.

2. Heat oil in a large fry pan over medium heat. Add garlic and mushrooms, stirring until mushrooms have softened and released their juices.

3. Add cherry tomatoes, cover, reduce heat to low and cook for 3 minutes until softened.

4. Add zucchini and cook, stirring, for 2 minutes, so that it retains it’s firmness.

5.  Place over toast spread with cottage cheese, and top with parmesan and pepper.